February 9, 2020 @ 2:00 pm
What is a Meat Raffle?
A Meat Raffle is a raffling of meat, varying in animals and cuts. The meat comes from a local butcher and is a fun way to stock up or use for gatherings!

We will have several varieties of meat including steaks, pork loins, turkey, chicken, bacon, ribs, chicken fingers, pizza logs and MUCH MORE!!

How does it stay cold?
The meat is delivered from the butcher the day of the event and will be housed in a refrigeration truck we have reserved.  Each winning item will then be removed from truck and given to each winning ticket holder during the event.  Hence why attendees are encouraged to bring coolers for their winnings.

Where is the meat coming from?
A& G Meats, Rochester, NY

What if I don’t eat meat?
A meat raffle is a fun social event, there will be music and we will have food, wine and beer for purchase. Also, FUN GIVEAWAYS (Yetis, air fryer and MORE!!)  Purchasing tickets for each meat round is up to you, so if you want to come and have a great time with your meat-loving friends and family, you are more than welcome to join us!

What should I bring and/or expect?
There will be a total of 8 rounds, with several drawings per round. Tickets will generally be $1-3 each round depending on what is being raffled.  You can WIN more then 1x per round. Attendees can buy as many tickets as they’d like for each round (Hence… bringing $1 bills)

Things to bring:
Cash (we will have cashiers to help exchange bigger bills)
Cooler (To carry winnings out!!)

Proceeds help the Spins Competition Team