For Our Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Patrons

Rochester is home to the largest deaf population per capita in the nation. At Comedy at the Carlson, we strive to promote accessibility and inclusivity for this integral part of our local community.

Interpreters & captioning services available upon request

Interpreters are available for all events at Comedy at the Carlson. A week notice before the event is prefered to ensure we can secure an interpreter for you. However, we will always try our best to accomedate all reasonable requests.

Now offering ARC/CART Services

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) offers immediate, verbatim, streaming voice-to-text translation. Learn More

Need an interpreter or captioning services for one of our events?

Contact us at or use the contact form below.

Mobile, Live-Captioning Available with AVA

Ava is a mobile captioning software, designed to empower people who are deaf or hard of hearing, to communicate more easily in their social and professional lives. Ava connects with our audio system and captions all of the speech recorded by any of the microphones in the space.

The app is simple to download, set-up and use.

  1. Download the app in the PLay Store for Android, the App store for iPhones, or visit
  2. Tap on Join a friend/room now
  3. Type the location’s Ava Name (e.g.: Carlson) then tap Connect
  4. Enjoy the live captions* of the event!

DISCLAIMER: Ava is an automated captioning service. Words can be translated incorrectly.

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